Best Wine Coolers

If you’re into your wines, then you’ll no doubt have a need to cool the bottles. Having researched wine coolers various sources say it’s best to get a wine cooler the bigger the better. If you collect wine then you’ll probably increase your wine collection over time.

The best wine coolers are dual zone; this allows you to cool bottles at 2 different temperatures in the same unit. Very handy if you’ve got a red and wine collection, usually white wine is chilled at a lower temperature than red wines.

Wine coolers can also be built in units, so they fit nicely in your kitchen units. They can add a nice sophisticated touch to your decor.

An example of a built in wine cooler can be seen in this video which is the Avallon 28 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler- AWC280DZ

This is just 1 of many examples, but as you can see they’re very stylish and efficient.

Wine coolers can vary in price from only $100 to over $2000, they all have advantages and disadvantages. Check reviews to ensure a model hasn’t received negative comments in regards to the noise level.  There is nothing worse than a wine cooler that vibrates and produces a noise that is irritating, especially when you’re in bed trying to sleep.

Wine coolers can hold upwards of 90 bottles, check the various sizes and find what’s best for you.

Things to weigh up before buying a wine cooler

  • Do you have white and red wine, if yes then dual zone be beneficial, if just white then a single zone would be sufficient.
  • How many bottles do you have or intend to cool
  • Do you have space for a built in wine cooler? If no then a freestanding wine cooler would be your best option
  • Budget – You can get a lot of value for your money so look around.

In summary there is a wide selection of wine coolers, my advice is don’t rush into a decision. Have a look around at various models and manufactures. Read reviews and do your home work. But bigger the better seems to be the way forward for most people.

Profit Accumulator Review – What is Matched Betting?

Today I’ll be reviewing a membership website that teaches its members how to make risk free money from doing matched betting.

If you are unfamiliar with what matched betting is, don’t be surprised, I had never heard of it until only recently myself.

I was also surprised to discover it has been around for over 10 years in some form or another, but has only gained massive popularity in the last year or so.

The basic premise of matched betting is that it allows you to take advantage of the free bet bonuses that bookmakers offer when you join as a new customer. You can also then take advantage of the ongoing ‘reload’ offers they give existing customers too.

The site that I will be reviewing is called Profit Accumulator. The site was created by a young guy from Nottingham around 2 years ago now, called Sam Stoffel.

He has enjoyed massive success and now boasts over 10,000 paying members of the site, which makes it by far the largest matched betting community on the internet.

One of the main things that entice people to the Profit Accumulator site is that you can join completely free to start with, learn everything you need to know, and also make around £40 profit from doing the first 2 sign up offers that are on the Profit Accumulator website.

After that it’s basically just a case of ‘backing’ and ‘laying’ bets over and over again, and you make your risk free profit from the free bets the bookmakers give you in return for joining their website.

There are also a number of risk free casino offers that you can do which boost your profits even further. Some of the screen shots members post in the private forum of the slots wins they have had from doing risk free offers is incredible!

The private forum that Profit Accumulator hosts for its customers is very helpful, especially if you’re just getting started. Having 10,000+ members on there means that you can pick up a lot of hints and tips.

It’s also motivating to see how much profit other members are making from completing the offers each day, as it shows you just what is possible.

In terms of the cost of joining Profit Accumulator, you have two options. First, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of £22.99 per month. This is ideal if you don’t have a larger sum that you can outlay to pay for the whole year in advance.

The second option is what I’d recommend you opt for, as over the space of a year it will save you a fair bit of money. The annual subscription option costs £150. So as you can see, it provides a saving over the year of over £125!

When you look at how much profit you can make from being a member of the Profit Accumulator website, the joining fees really become negligible.

Making £500 every month from matched betting by using the offers that are posted in the platinum members’ area is quite achievable with investing only a little time every month.

If you wish to spend more time every day doing it, then the sky is the limit really. I have seen plenty of members who make over £2,000 regularly every month.

It all comes down to how much time you have, or want, to spend on it. If you just want to add a few hundred pounds to your salary every month to cover the rent and bills then matched betting is a quick and easy way to achieve this.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a way to make over £2,000 tax free every month online, that is completely risk free, then matched betting can definitely provide you with that if you are willing to put in the time and work.

Gas Chainsaw or Electric Chainsaw?

Deciding Which Is Best

For some people deciding on the best type of chainsaw can be a big decision. Choosing the wrong chainsaw can be a big inconvenience if it was meant to be purchased for a specific job .The biggest challenge that comes to mind when choosing a chain saw is whether or not to purchase a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

When the two are compared side by side they both have a great list of advantages; however before making a purchasing decision about the best chainsaw for them, a person should ask themselves what they will be using the saw for.

  • Is the saw going to be used for cutting wood?
  • Or will the saw be used to cut things around the yard and used a few times a year?
  • Do you have time to maintain the saw?

The largest physical difference between the two saw are the engines; a gas engine has an engine fuelled on gas and an electric engine is fuelled by electricity. A gas chainsaw is typically heavier than an electric saw and has a lot more power. An electric saw typically has a cord and a gas chainsaw doesn’t.

People that are experts in cutting wood will typically suggest a gas chainsaw.  People who use the chainsaw around the yard will mostly suggest an electric saw.  If a person is going to primarily cut wood the biggest concern with an electric saw is that it will not have power to cut through the wood.  There are electric chain saws on the market that can be purchased with enough horsepower to cut through the wood effectively, but generally the gas chainsaw will be the more powerful tool. Typically, an electric chainsaw cannot endure the kind of wood work that a gas chain saw can endure. They are much more limited to how much work they can do without damaging the saw. With an electric saw a person cannot go out into the woods and cut wood all day without replacing the battery or being connected to electricity, which makes longer projects harder to complete with an electric saw.

An Electric chainsaw can be very handy when they needed for yard work or less extensive work. Unlike a gas chainsaw that can be very noisy, they are quiet so the noise won’t disturb the people around you. An electric chainsaw is easier to start. A gas chainsaw might take few tries on the pull start especially if it hasn’t been maintained frequently. They require a gas and oil mixture and it needs to be cooled down before refueling.

All in all both types of chainsaws have their own benefits. If an easy to start, lightweight, economical chain saw is desired than an electric would be the best fit. However if a cordless and more powerful chainsaw is desired for heavier work, then a gas chainsaw is the best option.

P.S Are you looking to earn extra cash to buy your chainsaw? Then check my review here on how to make money.